Pocket is a great app for curating interesting stuff. It's easy to both read and save articles whether you're on desktop or mobile. It's easy to read whether you're on desktop or mobile. And it's got great integrations with feed readers, plus it has IFTTT integration. But it's not great for searching, unless you're willing to fork over a cool $45 per year on Premium.

Evernote is great for archiving and searching, but it's not as easy to ready or save full text of articles from mobile.

The current IFTTT integration between Pocket and Evernote unfortunately just gives you a snippet of the article instead of the full text.


Enter the Full Text RSS app from FiveFilters.org. It transforms your partial Pocket RSS into full text articles.

Here's how you setup this workflow:

Automatically Save Full Text of Pocket Articles to Evernote

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