Open Chrome Links in Firefox With Ctrl+R-Click using AutoHotkey

Hey Hackerspace,

I'm kind of new to AutoHotkey, but with the help of some nice folks I put together a script for opening links from any Chrome window in Firefox.


I don't have anything against Chrome, but I prefer Firefox for browsing the web (for now, anyway). But one of the things I like most about Chrome is the "Create application Shortcut" feature, and it also has some cool apps that aren't available in Firefox. I love using Chrome apps like that, but it's really annoying to me that when I click on a link, it opens the link in Chrome instead of my default browser (Firefox). This little AHK script solves that problem by opening the link in Firefox instead. Using this script, the next time you're chatting with someone in Google Hangouts and they send you a link, it will open in Firefox instead of Chrome if you use Ctrl+R-Click.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement. Thanks!


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